Curriculum Vitae of Dr Tony Sirimanna

Current Post:

    Consultant in Audiological Medicine & Lead Clinician
    Department of Audiology & Audiological Medicine
    Great Ormond Street Hospital for Children NHS Trust
    Great Ormond Street, London WC1N 3JH, UK

    Honorary Senior Lecturer, Division of Clinical Sciences
    Institute of Child Health, University of London

Professional Qualifications and Felloships:

    MB BS (Ceylon)
    Diploma in Otolaryngology (Royal College of Surgeons, London)
    Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons (Edinburgh)
    Master of Surgery (Sri Lanka)
    MSc in Audiological Medicine (University of Manchester)
    Fellow of the Royal Colege of Physicians

Registration with Medical Councils:

    Full Registration with the General Medical Council (Reg. No: 3231661)
    Full Registration with the Sri Lanka Medical Council (Reg. No: 6765)

Professional indemnity:

    Medical Protection Society

Professional affiliations:

    Member of British Association of Audiological Physicians (BAAP)
    Member of British Society of Audiology (BSA)
    Member of International Association of Audiological Physicians (IAPA)
    Member of International Society of Audiology
    Member of American Academy of Audiology
    Life Member, Sri Lanka Medical Association
    Member of British Academy of Audiology (BAA)

Professional History:

    Consultant ENT Surgeon, Base Hospital, Matara, Sri Lanka 1986 - 1988
    Consultant Audiological Physician, Northwick Park Hospital, Harrow, Middlesex, UK 1994-1995
    Consultant Audiological Physician, Great Ormond Street Hospital, London WC1N 3JH, UK 1995 - to date

Professional responsibilities:

  • Great Ormond Street Hospital
    • Current
      • Member, Audiological Medicine MSc Teaching Committee, Institute of Child Health - 1999 - to date
      • Member, Audiological Medicine MSc, Examination Board - 1999 - to date
      • SHO, Specialist Registrar and Consultant Interview panels 1996 - to date
      • Lead Clinician, Department of Audiology, Audiological Medicine and Cochlear Implant, Great Ormond Street Hospital - from 2007
    • Past
      • Lead Clinician and Head of Department, Department of Audiological Medicine, Great Ormond Street Hospital 1997 - 2002
      • Member, BEES (Biomedical Engineering Equipment selection) Committee, GOSH 1996-2001
      • Educational Supervisor for Specialist registrars in Audiological Medicine, 1996 - 2001
      • Academic representative for Great Ormond Street at the Pan Thames Audiological Medicine Specialist Training Committee (STC) 1996-2000
      • Educational Supervisor for ENT/ Audiology SHO, 1996 - 2005
      • Clinical Governance Group representative - Clinical Unit 7,  2004-2005
      • Lead Clinician for Audiological Medicine for Donald Winnicott Centre, Hackney 1995 - 2005
      • Member, Children’s Hearing Services Working Group (CHSWG), Tower Hamlets, 1996 to 2005
      • Member, Newborn Hearing Screening Program (NHSP) Steering Group in Tower Hamlets, 2001 to 2005
      • Chair, CHSWG - City & Hackney, 2002 - 2005
      • Chair, NHSP Steering Group - City & Hackney 2002 - 2005
  • Regional work
    • Current:
      • STC (Specialist Training Committee in Audiological Medicine) - ex officio (immediate past chairman)
    • Past:
      • Chair, Pan London Specialist Training Committee in Audiological Medicine, London Deanery 2001-2003
      • Program Director and Vice Chairman, Pan London Specialist Training Committee in Audiological Medicine, London Deanery 1998-2000
  • Work for Royal Colleges
    • Current
      • Member, Specialist Advisory Committee in Audiological Medicine, Royal College of Physicians
      • Clinical Statndards Committee - 2005 to date
    • Past
      • Specialist Registrar (Audiological Medicine) Curriculum, Working party 2003-4
      • Continuing Professional Development Advisory Group, Royal College of Physicians London 1999
      • Panel of Visitors Joint Committee for Higher Medical Training (JCHMT) for Specialist Advisory Committee (SAC) in Audiological Medicine 1997-1999
      • Specialist registrar Log Book - working party 2004 - to 2006
  • National Work
    • Current
      • Auditory Processing disorder Interest Group, British Society of Audiology
      • NHSP (National Newborn Hearing Screening Program) (Aetiological Investigations,  Auditory Neuropathy, Surveillance groups
      • NDCS (National Deaf Children’s Society (Aetiology of Deafness group)
      • Webmaster, British Association of Audiological Physicians since 1996 - 2005 (from 2005- in the committee)
      • NHSP Team mapping - Pan London region from 2005 to date
      • NHSP DOAS Paediatric Audiology Action Team developing (2005-6)
        • Newborn Hearing Screening Care Pathway
        • Early Audiological Assessment Care Pathway
      • NHSP clinical group from 2006
    • Past
      • Member, Paediatric Audiology Interest Group, British Society of Audiology, 1997 - 2006
      • Chair, Auditory Processing disorder Interest Group, British Society of Audiology 2003 - 2005
      • Publicity Committee, British Association of Audiological Physicians 1996-1999
      • Member, Universal Neonatal Hearing Screening Program steering group of the UK Neonatal Screening Committee 1999
      • Chair - Medical Group of UK Newborn Hearing Screening Program (Developing national guidelines for aetiological investigations) 2001-2004
      • Member, Group developing National protocol for surveillance following NHSP (Newborn Hearing Screening). 2003-2005
      • Member, Group developing National Guidelines for investigation and Management of Auditory Neuropathy. 2004-2005
      • Membership committee, British Society of Audiology 1997-2003
      • Council member (elected), British Society of Audiology. 1997-2003
      • Ex-officio member, Council of the British Society of Audiology. 2003-2004
      • Continuing Medical Education Coordinator, British Association of Audiological Physicians, UK, 1995-2003
  • International Work
    • Current
      • Developing audiology services in Sri Lanka (working with ENT surgeons)
    • Past
      • Member, Great Ormond Street Hospital - Cleft Palate Project in Sri Lanka 1998 - 2004
      • Member - GOSH Speech & Language Therapy course project in Sri Lanka
      • European working group on Audiologists’ Curriculum, Giessen, Germany. 1999
  • Charity Work
  • Medicolegal work
    • as an expert witness in the following areas (more than 300 cases)
      • Paediatric audiology (medical negligence)
      • Noise induced hearing loss
      • Tinnitus
  • Publications
    • Dr Sirimanna has over 60 publications including research work and chapters
  • Lecturers, presented papers and conferences attended nationally and internationally
    • Over 50 conferences
    • Over 100 lectures or research presentations